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Today marks the world day against child labor and as Nation today is also Democracy day.

As a democratic nation, we need to start to think of ways to create a social system that is inclusive and effective for our children. Social protection reduces family poverty and vulnerability thereby diminishing keydrivers of child labor. Social protection is a human right and a potent tool to prevent families from resorting to child labor in time of crisis. Significant progress towards ending child labor requires increased investment in social protection systems, as part of an integrated and comprehensive approach to tackle the problem.
Government need to create policies and fund social protection systems that will support vulnerable families in the communities.

Today as a nation, we stand with the rest of the world to observe the world day against child labor and we pray that our children will begin to enjoy protection from all forms of violence and harms. We hope that our political class will begin to take seriously the protection of our children and we hope that we will hear their plans for the reduction of the number of out of school children, the prompt prosecution of perpetrators of crime against children, the plan for proper funding of children of all levels.

In CYPF, we stand for all children and we advocate for an inclusive and effective social protection system in Nigeria.