The summer holiday is fast approaching, and it is time for the children to relax from academic activities and participate in other extracurricular activities for a balanced life.

Here are some of the ways children can get busy during the holidays and also bond with the family.

1. LEARNING A NEW SKILL: Both economic and survival skills appropriate to the age of the child can be learned during the holiday. Skills such as cooking, photography, coding, learning a native language, car wash, animation, etc. can be taught to children, which will help them later in life.

2. LEARNING ABOUT SAFETY, EMERGENCIES, AND SECURITY: The holiday can also be a time where children can learn about tips on safety, emergencies and security. They should be able to know how to put off any appliance before they learn how to put it on, they should know about no play zone areas in the house, who to call when there’s an emergency with no other adult close, muster point in terms of any hazard(and the safest way to get there), how to interact with strangers and so on. Let them be aware of their environment.

3. IMPROVING THEIR PHYSICAL HEALTH/ ENGAGING IN SPORTS: During the holidays, children can take time to exercise and participate in sporting activities. There are many highly physical sports that families can engage in without much space or resources. One example is badminton. With just a net, rackets, and shuttlecock, families can have a very physically engaging sport in the comfort of their backyard. It is fun, so children will not notice when they cover a lot of miles running while playing.
Other games like ludo, scrabble, and monopoly can also be added.

4. VISIT MUSEUMS/ART GALLERIES: Going out to museums and art galleries is also a fun, exciting, and educational activity children can take part in with the family. It improves their creativity and imagination.

5. CAMPING: Many organizations this summer are organizing camping for families and children. Children can participate in such camps that are regulated and safe for children.

6. HIKING: Hiking is a great activity children can engage in to get in tune with nature. It should be done in a safe environment and should not be too tedious for the children. They will love the adventure. Take some walk around the neighbourhood on foot and experience the free breeze on nature.

7. VISITING THE ORPHANAGE: You can do a toy cleanup, cloth cleanup, and visit the orphanage with the children. Let them be part of humanitarian service and also grasp the privilege they have. It will help them to be thankful and care more about others.

Other activities include include, movie nights, playing musical instruments, getting a family photo album, volunteering, etc.