Volunteer / Intenship Form


Volunteer / Internship Form

Any experience working for a Non-Governmental Organization ?

If yes;

Any experience working with children / youth?

If yes, provide details

Operational Volunteer

Please tick a minimum of two days per week. Days ticked must be strictly adhered to.

Activity Volunteer

Will be available based on events


Will resume at the office daily for the period of Internship

Referee One

Referee Two

CYPF appreciates your interest in working with us; we are looking forward to your service for the betterment of children and youth in our society. However, the organization does not pay volunteers salaries and there is no insurance policy. Thanks once again and welcome to the CYPF family.

We'll get back to you in 1-2 business days.

CYPF have various partners to be able to achieve most of their results. Some of our partners include the following


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